Make your own wedding rings at Rosalyn\'s Emporium.


Real life couple...

David & Maria

David & Maria flew all the way from Norway to make each others 9ct & 18ct White Gold wedding rings.
The chose satin finish or stripe for their wedding rings. The rings were hand engraved inside. 
The couple also made 3 pairs of silver cufflinks which were  hand engraved with their wedding logo to match their rings.

See below for more details on how to make your own wedding rings & bridal party gifts... 


*From 1st January 2019 onwards.
To offer the most competitive quote to suit your budget all materials & additional extras (precious metals, stones, engraving etc) required to
make your own wedding rings are quoted per ring. Please read the ADDITIONAL EXTRAS with guide costs below.​

Included within the experience day charge:

One-to-One Tuition

You will have one-to-one tuition
with me for the entire day.   

Every step of the making process will be clearly demonstrated before
you have a go yourself.   

Anything you are unsure of I will happily
step in & complete for you.  

Your wedding rings will be
professionally finished either
by you or by me.

Experience Day

Experience days can be held on any week day or weekend with prior notice.

Hours 10am - 5pm
(including lunch break).  

The experience day will be held at my  workshop in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  

Ideally the experience day should take place  at least 3 months before you need the completed wedding rings.  

Please book early to avoid disappointment. Weekends get booked up very quickly.


Consultations ideally take place at least 6 months before you need the completed wedding rings. They can take place at wedding fairs (see home page)
or in my workshop in Chesham. ​

The consultation will last up to 1.5 hours. 
Consultations can take place at
weekends or week days with prior notice.

If you can not attend a consultation in person we can establish most details over email or phone calls too.  I can post you a ring sizer to double check measurements are accurate before quoting you. 

Silver Sample Ring

In order to demonstrate techniques 
I will show you how to make a
silver sample ring before working on your actual wedding rings.   

You can also practise texturing & finishes on this ring prior to committing them to your own wedding rings.

You will be able to take the
silver sample ring home with you as a memento of the day.  This sample ring will not be hallmarked.  ​


You will be shown how to use all of the
hand tools & polishing wheel prior to you trying it yourself. 

Don't worry if you've never used these tools before; they are basic & easy to use. 

Unfortunately due to insurance restrictions you will not be able to use the
hand torch for soldering. 

Light Refreshments

Throughout the day there will be a steady supply of drinks & nibbles.

We will take a one hour lunch break when you are free to venture into town to sample Chesham's cafes or restaurants.  
There are plenty to choose from & 
I can make a reservation for you depending on your preferences.

Lowndes Park is very close by if you fancy eating outside & want to bring a picnic. 

Photos of the Day

You are welcome to take  
photos & videos of you making your
wedding rings.  
I can also take some for you. 

With your permission selected images
will be posted on the 
Rosalyn's Emporium website &
social media accounts. 

Local Treats

At the end of the experience day you
will be given some locally
sourced treats from other businesses
I want to recommend to you.
Enjoy when you get home
(or earlier if you can't wait)!


Wedding rings will be hallmarked with the
Rosalyn's Emporium 'RE' maker's mark
at the
London Assay Office.   

View the FAQ's and T&C's  
page for more information about hallmarking.

Disabled Access

Regrettably due to the workshop being on the first floor I cannot offer
disabled access at present. 

Please discuss any mobility concerns with me & I will do my best to accommodate
your individual needs.

Some of the jewellery tools are portable so there may be an option for me to come to your home for part of the making process.  

Wedding Ring Box

You will receive one  ring box
embossed with the
Rosalyn's Emporium logo.  

Each box can accommodate
one or two wedding rings depending
on what you make.

The insert can be removed so the box can be used to keep other precious items in once you are wearing the wedding rings.

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions on the FAQ's and T&C's page.


To offer you the most competitive price all material costs below are quoted per wedding ring in addition to the experience day charge.  

Precious Metals Cost Examples


 1 x 9ct Gold 3mm D-shape  £105**

1 x  18ct Gold 3mm D-shape  £250**

9ct & 18ct white or rose gold will be similar in price to the above but can vary from yellow.  

Platinum & Palladium are much harder to work in then gold.
If you require these metals you will make a 'master' ring from silver during the experience day.
The master rings will then be sent away to be moulded & cast in your chosen metal.  You will get to keep the original silver master rings too. 
The cast rings will be finished by you during a follow up appointment so you still have a part in the final rings. 

1 x Platinum 3mm D-shape £450** + 2.5 hours £130 finishing charge

1 x  Palladium 950 3mm D-shape  £320** + 2.5 hours £130 finishing charge

1 x Silver 3mm D-shape £10**

Available in 18ct Yellow or 18ct White Gold. 
Please ask for details & current prices.
**in addition to the experience day charge. Guide prices correct from September 2018.

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions on the FAQ's and T&C's p age.


Prices below are per ring & in addition to the experience day rate & materials charges.  



From £45** for one standard size wedding ring

From £75** for one standard wedding ring

Most ready-made white gold engagement rings are white rhodium plated so you may notice a colour difference if the wedding ring is left unplated. 

Re-rhodium plate your engagement ring for the same price.
It is normal for any plating to wear off over time.
You may want to consider replating annually to refresh your rings. 
I am happy to do this for you for the same cost as above.
 From **£30  for up to 10 characters.
Standard small or large text inside a ring.

From **£55 depending on complexity.

Finger prints engraved by hand for **£75 per ring. 

From **£110 per ring depending on complexity.

Engraving adds an extra personal touch. Ideal for patterns or non-standard text.
Find an existing design or design your own. 

Precious Stones

Recycle / Scrap

From a minimum of £85** per stone​.

I will personally choose stones for you from my
Hatton Garden dealers.

Depending on the stones required you might be able to view & chose your own from a selection I pre-select for you. 

Options for stones are almost endless.
Different stones have different qualities & meanings which might have an influence over what you need.

I can advise you on the best stones to suit your
ring design, lifestyle & budget.  

From £70** dependant on the amount to recycle & how it needs to be reformed.
Stones can also be removed & reset into new pieces. 
I can not remodel Platinum or Palladium jewellery, only hallmarked Gold & Silver. 

Additional 'new' Gold or +Silver can be added to existing if you
don't have enough to make what you want. 

​I charge a £30 admin & special delivery postage charge to scrap your existing jewellery with my bullion dealers.

Any remaining money can be put towards your new jewellery or paid back to you.
Gold prices change daily so I can advise you at the time of an estimated value once the weight & gold carat of the jewellery is confirmed. 
**in addition to the experience day charge. Guide prices correct from September 2018.

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions on the FAQ's and T&C's p age.

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