Make your own wedding rings at Rosalyn\'s Emporium.


Real life couple...

Matt & Juli

"Thank you again for a great day.
We're both still pinching ourselves at how good it was."

Matt & Juli
Matt & Juli 18ct Gold wedding rings & bridal party gifts
​"Simply the most special experience that's made our wedding bands that little more personal and unique.

I can't thank Rosalyn enough for her expert tuition and guidance throughout, especially on the day.

Thank you for creating such a special business."  

Matthew Anderson
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Mark & Rachel 18ct Gold wedding rings. 18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond pendant
"There are many wonderful things you can do to make your wedding the most amazing and memorable day of your lives, but whatever you do and whatever you spend on it, it will be over once the day is done.

You can also spend fortunes getting the most beautiful and sparkly wedding rings for each other, but there is a far far better way of doing it.

We discovered Rosalyn when she had just started out, and we were the first couple through her workshop. We had such a fun day learning about the metalwork and crafting each other's rings.

By the end of the day we had two (actually three because we made a silver one as a keepsake for my step-son)
beautiful rings to give each other at our wedding.

A year on I find myself often looking at the ring on my finger, knowing that every part of it was lovingly crafted by nobody but my wonderful wife, for me, and that is something that I shall keep every day, forever.

I genuinely think that you are missing out on something incredibly special if you do not go to see Rosalyn for your rings.  "

Mark & Rachel

+ Mark also secretively commissioned an 18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond pendant to complement Rachel's engagement ring so she could wear it on their wedding day. 
Chris & Rachel ​18ct White Gold wedding ring & Silver 'token' ring
"My wife purchased the experience with Roz as a present ahead of our wedding & the experience was wonderful.

My wife and I both really enjoyed making the rings - and were (pleasantly) surprised about how much of the work we did.

It was very much a case of Roz showing us how to do it all, rather than doing most of it and us contributing.
The finished rings therefore felt very special and personal. The rings themselves look fantastic and the service was top notch. I would really recommend this as a lovely activity to do and a way to make your wedding rings even more special and treasured. "

Chris & Rachel

+ Rachel already had her wedding ring so chose to share the experience with Chris & made a silver 'token' ring.
Richard & Louise ​Platinum wedding rings & cufflinks for Father of the Bride
"We'd always wanted to make our own weddings rings, but after a lot of searching hadn't located anywhere suitable to do so.

That was until we stumbled across Roz at a wedding fair being held at our venue.

From the outset we were at ease with Roz. She took the time to go through everything at the planning meeting and all of the options. We were made to feel right at home in Roz's workshop and really did have such a great experience day.

Nothing is too much trouble and Roz has everything catered for - even dietary requirements!

In addition to making our rings, we chose to make a pair of cufflinks for the Father of the Bride.
We were given lots of opportunity to practise our design before creating the end result.
A little extra keepsake from a special day.

We can't recommend Roz highly enough. If you're considering making your wedding rings, then go for it.

A truly first class service."

Richard & Louise 
Albert & Arantza Silver wedding rings
​"Me and my fiancé made our own wedding rings with Roz, the experience was fantastic and we really enjoyed it.

We made a special memory together and will last forever.

The rings are just perfect in their own way, and I love the idea that my future husband made it for me.

It is an experience I would highly recommend to every couple!

Thank you very much Roz for making it possible!"

Albert & Arantza
Nick Ripper ​Recycled 9ct Gold & 9ct Rose Gold wedding ring
“Roz made my wedding ring and I am extremely pleased with the finished product.

She actually melted down an existing ring & combined with rose gold to form a new ring.

Roz goes above & beyond with consultations giving helpful advice and guidance with designs etc. She also sent me videos and photos of the whole process from melting to metal working to finishing, which was really interesting to see.

I would definitely recommend Roz not just for wedding rings but for any jewellery you want to make special & have a bit of a unique touch.

Also great value for money. Thanks Roz !"

Nick Ripper
Lindsey Reynolds ​18ct White Gold shaped wedding ring 
​"My engagement ring was not an easy shape to fit with a wedding band so I knew that I would have to have it made specially.

Roz met with us and discussed exactly what we wanted including our budget.

We were delighted with our rings."  

Lindsey Reynolds
Kate & Eoghan Flanagan ​18ct White Gold shaped wedding ring
“We had a fantastic experience working with Roz to design our wedding rings . Roz ensured it was a very personal, fun and unique experience.

I have a very unusually shaped engagement ring and was really keen to get a wedding band that complemented it. There was absolutely no way that I was going to be able to buy one “off the shelf”.

It was a real challenge to get the shape right as well as making it comfortable to wear.

My Husband was also thrilled to actually be able to see his wedding band being made from scratch in Roz’s workshop and it provided us both with some great and personal memories of the whole experience."

Kate  Flanagan
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Ben & Katie Cox  ​18ct Gold & White Gold wedding rings​  
"Beyond the simple luxury of being able to choose the exact colour and size of my gold wedding ring,
I didn't quite appreciate what an emotional experience it would be witnessing it's production.

I'm always enthralled by watching a craftsperson at work, and the process was fascinating to be part of as a straight rod of solid gold was beaten into a perfect ring with the persuasive application of hammer and torch. But more than that, it represented a pivotal moment at which all of Katie and my plans seemed to be becoming so real.

Roz's approach was really inclusive and it was great working with someone who was able to interpret what we both wanted while advising on the best materials and techniques moving forward.

The finished, polished pair of wedding rings couldn't have been more perfect and as we flew away on our honeymoon I'll never forget sitting on that plane holding my new wife's hand gazing at all that gold!

Mine's never off my finger."

Ben Cox
Lydia Bell  18ct Two Colour Gold crossover wedding ring
“I wanted a wedding ring that was more interesting than the usual plain gold band because I didn't have an engagement ring.

Roz made my wedding ring and I found her to be helpful, flexible, patient and sweet, and importantly, reasonably priced.  

I don't hesitate to recommend her.”

Lydia Bell
See how Lydia's wedding ring was made in the GALLERY​​
Kings Chapel Old Amersham preferred supplier feedback 2016 - 2017
​"Lovely supplier to deal with and great response from our couples.

Lovely displays at wedding fairs.

Really nice to have something different to offer our couples and something really visual on showcase days."

Lizzie Hampson (on behalf of Kings Chapel)
Rosemary Ryan-Bundhan  ​Silver & 9ct Rose Gold pendant phials
​“I had a special request for Roz to help me design a piece of jewellery for each of my daughter's who were turning 16 and 18 in the same month. It was a last minute thought of mine and Roz delivered the finished pendants in plenty of time.

She helped me incorporate the sentiment I wanted but also came up with very creative ideas for pieces that will be worn by my daughters for many years and probably passed down to their own children in time.

My girls love the finished pieces and were delighted with their uniqueness.

I would totally recommend Rosalyn's Emporium for any piece you want to commission as Roz is lovely, welcoming and so creative. I will be back time and again for those special pieces." 

Rosemary Ryan-Bundhan
Andrew Darby  ​Mixed metals & diamond pendant
“I wanted to give my wife a special necklace incorporating specific materials to mark an anniversary.  

I had met Roz at a wedding fair and like her idea of couples making their own wedding bands so I approached her by email.

Roz was easy to approach, understood my idea and reasoning, and came up with a design that was far better and more practical than my original idea. Once the initial design consultancy was complete she kept me informed of progress, checked before proceeding with decisions regarding the purchase of gems and metals.

She worked within the specified timeframe and budget, letting me know when I had to respond to queries in order to meet that timeframe, and was able to deliver earlier than expected.

I get the feeling she enjoyed the commission, and that made working with her all the more fun.

I would heartily recommend talking to Roz if you would like something made.”

Andrew Darby