Make your own wedding rings at Rosalyn\'s Emporium.


Design your own jewellery

"The end result surpassed my expectation, I am over the moon with my puzzle ring! 
It didn't blow the wedding rings budget either.
I highly recommend Roz if you need a special ring and a wonderful experience!"

Bespoke 18ct White Gold 'Puzzle' wedding ring set with clients own recycled diamonds.
Georgiana; married August 2018​

Why commission? 

Commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one allows you to:
  • Design something unique
  • Work to a budget set by you
  • Have input into the creation process without making it yourself 
  • Use existing jewellery & remodel it into something new
  • Discuss & adapt your own ideas with an expert
  • Be informed on the choice of materials to best suit your design, budget & lifestyle
  • Create a piece of jewellery that can be updated in future. Ideal for smaller budgets, eternity or anniversary gifts

I will do my best to advise what is possible to make, clearly communicate each step of the design & making process.

I love the entire process of bespoke jewellery. From initial idea, refining the design, modeling, research, making & handing over the finished item. I put as much care in to your project as if it were my own. 

What can I make you? 

Truthfully I would consider almost any jewellery or precious metal gift commission. If for any reason I can't work on the project for you I would be open & honest from the start so that you can find someone else to do it. 

If the item is beyond my skill set then I could still work with you on the design process & then outsource some areas to my list of
highly skilled experts.

I have spent time building up a reliable contact book of highly skilled, trustworthy suppliers who regularly finish or embellish bespoke items for me. 

The main area of my business is creating wedding rings, but as you can see from the GALLERY of work, I make specially commissioned gifts & jewellery.

Creating something unique is a true passion of mine & therefore I do not agree with taking an existing design & simply copying it. 
Not only is this against copyright rules but I always feel it is better to put your own interpretation into something to make it truly yours. I am happy to use an existing item for inspiration & can help you develop the design to be an original piece in it's own right. 

How much does it cost? 

It’s important with commissions that we work within your budget. Knowing if you want to spend £100's vs £1000's is key to me knowing what materials or making processes I can use. If I don't know your budget then I may over or under quote you which can be misleading for both parties.

Normally it is hard to find a suitable comparison for unique designs because by nature they are one-offs. I believe I quote fair prices for the level of personal service that I offer, my experience, skills & contacts acquired over 21 years in the jewellery industry. 

It's important to note that if you make changes to your design once the making process has started could incur additional cost. I will alert you if this is likely to happen with your particular project. 

My bespoke service is likely to be more expensive then ready-made jewellery, but the item/s I make you will be unique & of a high a quality. I only buy the materials I need to use for each project so I buy at current metal or stone prices to ensure that you get what you pay for.

I aim to update you on progress & ensure we have a very clear final design before I submit your final quote. 

When do we start? 

The sooner you contact me the more likely I can fit your project into my diary. I tend to work commissions around M.Y.O. workshops &
can be quite flexible. Most projects can take 8 - 10 weeks but can vary depending on what's required & my other work commitments at the time. 

Initially you might email your idea, ideally with a description & images of what you want made. This helps me immediately assess what could be involved in the project. 

Once you are happy to proceed & if I feel it is necessary to clarify certain aspects of the project, I would invite you to my workshop for a consultation. At this meeting, I will take more details & fully explore what you would like created. 

If the item is a surprise for someone & you can't give me accurate sizes I can give you tips on how to obtain that without arousing suspicion, or find a way to include the recipient at a point when changes can still be made to the item being made. 

When I have the right information I can give you a quote, detail all the materials required & suggested timeline for completion. 

If you wish to go ahead, I ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid within the quote period (usually 5 days) I then purchase relevant materials to begin your project. The balance is normally payable upon completion & before you collect or recieve the completed item/s. ​​​